Taxidepot's Special Gallery :::::PRESENTS:::::: "TAXI artWORKS By Gloria Gonzalez Gallego

taxi-artworks-cover Taxidepot boss  Al Gallego commissioned 20 Taxi artworks  to Gloria Amparo Gonzalez Gallego in 2008. The Colombian deaf artist despite her international and national success, was very humble and willing to help her  uncle with this beautiful vision of  "Taxi Nostalgia and Beyond"

The exhibition "Taxi Nostalgy and Beyond" was part of   "La Esquina" gallery in Long Island City, NY.  And it is currently exhibited  in the Taxidepot Headquarter Gallery of  New York and Taxidepot web Gallery

The Artwoks of Gloria Gonzalez Gallego are born from the sounds of silence as an internal light that flourishes galloping in a fascinating journey of magic realism. The space is sustained on intimacy in an autonomous universe of picturesque nature to pass in protagonic peace beyond the limits of man emotions.

Although her methods and techniques seem to be diverse, they converge with the fine use of lithography mixed techniques that involve the formation of intrinsic textures and shapes, allowing her to expand and experiment with different materials such as dry leaves and earth and oily crayons to ultimately capture her artistic expression.