Taxidepot is the first prop master supplier

specialized in Taxis.

If the set calls for a “piece of  taxi”,  whether working with films or documentaries; stage productions or museum exhibits; historical festivals or educational programming; Taxidepot's TaxiProps will bring production value and confidence to the entertainment industry. 


A&E Television Network

Pictures Cars

Speed Channel

Creative Film Cars

Discovery Channel

Movie Time Cars


British Airways



History Channel

Topo Customs Movie Car Division

Lion TV


Law & Order (TV Series 1990-2010)

Sex and the City (TV Series 1998–2004)

Bone Collector (1999)

Taxi (2004)

Cash Cab (TV Show 2005-2010)

Golden Boy (TV Series 2013)

Taxi Brooklyn (TV Series 2014)

Hard Parts: South Bronx (TV Series 2012)

Storage Wars: New York (TV Series 2013)

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn (2014)

Odyssey (TV Movie 2015) 


we like to be responsible for any "Taxi-object" require on a film set.