Taxi All Stars

Most of Taxidepot's work with film prop production is confidential, and we cannot tell you yet where this new Taxicab-stars will be filmed at. But, we assure you something big is happening on the silver-screen. The scene, of course, a New York spectacular double-parallel Taxi escape in cross angle technique will capture flying cabs and chaos in the Big Apple streets. Coming soon to a theater near you.

A new breed of Taxi stars was born and shipped out  yesterday from Taxidepot movie-props division studios.  As usual we follow strict standards when the time comes to have them dressed out and ready for film action and super crazy stunts.


A "New" Ohmer Has Been Restored

Taxidepot Boss went back in time in full gear programming action. No digital meters or oscilloscopes were involved in such complex machinery micro-operation other that his primary instincts and imported skills acquired in Sweden back in 1970's. It  was the rumor in the office, since last May when Al Gallego was commissioned to restore an Ohmer Taximeter Circa 1924. However, it was not until today that we could officially confirm such clandestine operation and celebrate the triumph of this successful fine-watchman surgery. Please let us "Re-Introduce" the great Ohmer Taximeter Circa 1924. Thanks Boss

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